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Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a service provided a pharmacist to help patients or people better understand their health conditions and the medications that they can use to manage them. At Blue Dove Pharmacy, we will educate you about the disease state and give you the medication that you can be use to treat that state.

First Aid items

An injury, illness or accident can occur when you least expect it. If you don’t have any of the first aid items then you can count on Blue Dove Pharmacy to help you acquire them so that you can help that person who is in serious need.

If you have an embarrassing health problem and wanna discuss it in a private setting then you can rely on us to provide a private consultation room for you to talk about that problem without any instance of discomfort.

Med Synchronization

We will look at your medication and then snyc them all up for you so that you can pick them up in a single day which is most convenient to you as per you schedule. You now know who to talk to when you need medication synchronization.

Cold and Allergy Medication

Colds and Allergies are common in Michigan. Luckily Blue Dove Pharmacy is here to help you treat them so that you can get well as quickly as possible and go back to doing your daily duties without a cold or an allergy getting in the way.

Flu Shots & Immunizations

If you want to protect yourself against influenza viruses then you need to get a flu shot from Blue Dove Pharmacy in Michigan. Our flu vaccines will cause antibodies to develop in the body after 2 weeks to protect you against influenza viruses.

Travel Vaccinations

It’s important to get travel vaccinations if you intend to travel outside the United States. Getting a vaccination will protect you from getting a disease that may not normally be found in united States.

Prescription Refills and Transfers

If your prescription is out of refills we can contact your doctor on your behalf to request a new prescription. At Blue Dove Pharmacy, we believe in efficiency and that’s why we’re willing to go an extra mile to get you Prescription Refills and Transfers.

At Blue Dove Pharmacy, we understand that some medical conditions can be best treated with vitamins and supplements. We always stock common vitamins and supplements and you can purchase them from our pharmacy at any time.

Pain Medication

Blue Dove Pharmacy is happy to offer you Over-the-counter medication to help you relieve that pain. One of the advantages of from us is that we know how to help you minimize potential side effects when you our pain relievers.

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